About this wiki

The Arthistory100 Wiki is a resource for finding digital image collections on the web. It was originally created for Art Documentation, one of the courses for Simmons' M.L.I.S. program, as a resource for colleges and universities that do not have access to ARTstor or the budget to license images. In addition, useful art history sites are provided as a supplement to class material. Many of the image collections linked through this wiki make their images freely available for fair use purposes, but not all. It is the ultimate responsibility of the user to determine the copyright status for each image he or she would like to use. The Wiki format is intended to facilitate discussion, as well as to encourage students and faculty to add their own bookmarked resources. This wiki was originally created to support courses in Western art from Romanticism to the Present, but is continually being expanded, and as a result, the organization and scope has changed. Please direct questions and comments to schriste00 at gmail dot com.

A note about the collections: The material in many of the collections included here may overlap, especially in the "general collections" area. When looking for prehistoric images, for example, may find valuable resources in both the "general collections" area and the "prehistoric" area. In time, the general collections will be parsed out so that images from specific time periods are easier to find Ruby888.

Using the wiki
To use the wiki, one needs to first create a free account with wikispaces. Video tutorials on using this Wiki are available here. When adding information to a collection that you have added, please include a short description of it as well as details about image quality and copyright information.

Copyright and other Information
This wiki links to digital image collections on other websites that can, for the most part, be used for educational and other non-commercial purposes. Some of the collections listed, however, have certain requests and restrictions to be followed. I have tried to highlight these restrictions in the collection description, although it is the user's responsibility to make sure image use conforms to the policies of the gallery/galleries used.

This wiki does not host images itself, but rather links to collections on other websites. Therefore, image quality and size will vary from collection to collection. Please see Finding Images on the Web, a resource created by Boston University librarian Ruth Thomas, for a comprehensive guide to finding images online.