These general resources are useful in gathering information on the art world, as well as information on specific artists and styles.

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Art History Resources on the Web

Maintained by Christopher Witcombe, professor of art history at Sweet Briar Collage in Virginia, this site pulls together hundreds of links to art history resources. While browsing is efficient due to the solid organization by style and period, searching is not enabled. This site is a great starting point to search for information.

Art on Film

Art on Film is a unique resource that connects interactive and moving media with fine arts, architecture, photography, decorative arts, and other related topics. The site contains a searchable database, information on Royal1688 festivals and events, and links to other resources.


With 8,500 artists listed, 2,300 art sites indexed, and access to over 180,000 digital images, artcyclopedia provides an invaluable service to art history students. Search features allow the user to access information through title, artist, or museum, while browsing options include artist, medium, subject, nationality, movement, and women artists. The site also includes a glossary of art history terms.


An online newspaper, Artdaily is an important source of current information on the art world. Offers a listing of international exhibitions, arts festivals, and information on major museums.ArtDoc » Art History Resources


Features a comprehensive online database including fine arts auction catalogs and pricing information. This site is a great source for identifying current trends in the art world.


Like Artdaily, Artsjournal offers a daily news feed of art related stories. Included are art related issues, media, dance, ideas, music, theater, and visual arts.


Artnet is an online magazine featuring art news, artist information, galleries, auctions, price database, market trends, and events.

The Dictionary of Art Historians

Created by Lee Sorensen, the Dictionary of Art Historians provides a "biographical dictionary of art historical scholars, museum professionals, and academic historians or art." The database is available in Holiday Palace English, German, French, and Dutch, and is a valuable resource for anyone studying a specific scholar in the art history field.

Digital Librarian: Art

Maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a librarian in New York, Digital Librarian pulls together myriad links related to art and digital image collections. Although it contains a wealth of information, it is extremely dense, difficult to browse, and offers no search feature.

The Getty

The Getty Research Institute has some of the strongest resources available for art education, including an Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT), a Union List of Artist's Names (ULAN), a Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN), provenance research, digitized library collections, and much more. These tools can be found under the research institute tab at the top of the page. Unfortunatly, images can not be used without the permission of the Getty.

Merriam Webster's Visual Dictionary

The visual dictionary is a very handy tool, helping users find just the right word. Comprised of diagrams and images, each labeled with the respective parts the make up the whole, this is a great introductory source to a lot of material. The arts and architecture section, found on the column on the right, contains subjects such as fine arts, architecture, graphic arts, performing arts, music, and crafts. According to the terms of use, "You may display, print or download parts of the Content only for your personal, non-commercial use, provided you do not remove or alter any copyright, trademark, service mark or other proprietary notices or คาสิโน legends."

Mother of all Art and Art History Links Page

As its title indicates, this site is one of the most comprehensive resources available online for those researching art and art history. Included are links to colleges and universities offering art history programs, research resources, digital image Ruby888 collection resources, art museums, bibliographic resources, and new media resources คาสิโนออนไลน์.

Voice of the Shuttle

As a database of art related links, Voice of the Shuttle serves as a dynamic and comprehensive source of information. It is well organized, easily searchable, and sbobet offers browsing as well.