This page contains a list of blogs related to art history and the current art scene.

Art History Newsletter

The Art History Newsletter is maintained by a group of Ph.D students from New York University to "synopsize news and opinion of interest to art historians and provide original reporting on conferences, lectures, and other special events." The blog is both searchable and browsable by topic.

A Daily Dose of Architecture

New York Based blogger John Hill maintains this blog, created in 2004. In addition to the numerous images hosted on the site, Hill shares his own thoughts about the architecture, as well as an extensive list of other blogs, as well as a list of recommended books. These sources can be found on the right hand side of the blog.

Early Medieval Art

This informative blog features news from the art history and museum world, information on new and relevant publications, and a perspective on using new technologies in teaching art history. In addition, the author has a list of relevant blogs and websites to the field.


The SmARThistory blog was created by art historians Beth Harris and Steven Zucker to provide a dialogue about using technology to teach with images. Their musings date back from July 2005 here, and from May 2008 can be found here. Their new site is broken up into 2 parts: an extension of their previous blog, and a "Multimedia Art History Web Book: Europe." The latter is broken up into 'chapters' much like an intro to art history book, with a brief account of each period. While there are some images, they are very few.

Your Daily Art

Your Daily Art is maintained by a blogger named Martha in Cleveland, OH. Her purpose is to "show you a piece of art, give you a little bit of background, and leave the rest up to you." Her blogroll on the right hand side of the site lists numerous other art history blogs that are worth looking at.