Many images on the internet are copyright protected, and are protected by law against copying, distributing, or selling. However, the collections linked to this Wiki contain images that are mostly free to use and available to the public for personal and educational purposes. If you decide to use these images, it is best to review copyright laws in order to avoid legal complications. Below are useful resources to explain this issue.

United States Copyright Office
Especially useful is the 'Copyright Basics' page

A Fair(y) Use Tale
An entertaining and informative video explaining fair use

Digital Images and Fair Use Web Sites, by Marilyn Snow, University of California, Berkeley.
An insightful discussion of fair-use digital images, as well as a bibliography for further reading

Copyright and Fair Use Overview, Stanford University
Comprehensive and informative, this is an invaluable site for those seeking more information on copyright laws

Libraries in Today's Digital Age: the Copyright Controversy
A great overview of the issue with valuable references

Copyright for Librarians
An online open curriculum on copyright law for librarians