Celtic Inscribed Stones Project

The CISP is the result of work by scholars at the University College, London. It is a collaborative, interdisciplinary study of Medieval Celtic Inscriptions that seeks to create a database of all known inscriptions. While the project was completed in 1999 and the site is no longer maintained, the database is still hosted. The site contains few images from Ireland and Brittany at varying quality. Copyright information available soon.

Digital Scriptorium

"The Digital Scriptorium is a growing image database of medieval and renaissance manuscripts that unites scattered resources from many institutions into an international tool for teaching and scholarly research." The images can be both browsed and searched, and are high quality. They are available for educational use. Read more here.


The Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland contains 572 manuscripts from 25 different libraries, and will be continuously updated and extended. The site is organized by collection, and indicates how many manuscripts are in a certain collection. The images are large and fantastic quality. Users can not view the collection without agreeing to the terms of use, which indicates that the images are available for non-commercial use.


More than 4,000 manuscripts housed in French libraries are reproduced here, available to users through both browsing and searching methods. If you don't speak French, the site can be difficult to navigate, but it is well worth the effort. I was not able to find information regarding copyright, so please contact the author if you intend to use images for more than classroom presentations or personal research.


Groups With thousands of Flickr groups already in existence, and many more on the way, it is hard not to find a specific group to match your image needs. These collections are maintained by Flickr users with a common interest, and so the quality of the images will vary between groups and users. Many artists choose to protect their images under a Creative Commons License, which allows the user access to images as long as the artist is credited. The following Flickr groups might be helpful for the purposes of this section:
-International Center of Medieval Art

Illumunated Manuscripts

Developed by the National Library of the Netherlands, this site contains about 10,000 images of Medieval manuscripts. The images are both browsable and searchable, and the site also contains a page of "highlights." Once a thumbnail is clicked, the images are beautifully displayed into a zoomable screen. The download button doesn't seem to work, so if you would like to display images from this site, you might want to do it directly from the website. Otherwise, the thumbnails are too small.

Medieval Art and Architecture

Alison Stones, the creater of the Vezelay site, and in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library, has made available searchable databases for Chartes Cathedral and the abbey church at Vezelay. These databases are both linked through this portal, as well as a browsable list of monuments from both England and France. The images are varying quality, but the detailed metadata for each detail is extremely useful. Images are available for educational use.


"The Benedictine abbey church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine at V├ęzelay in Burgundy is one of the most important surviving monuments of architecture and sculpture of the Romanesque period." Alison Stones bring this church to life in her extensive photographic collection. Images are browsable, searchable, good quality, and available for educational use. What more could you ask for?