British Rock Art Collection

Maintained by Jan Brouwer and Gus van Veen of the Netherlands, the British Rock Art Collection contains just that: British rock art. All of the photographs were taken by the authors, rock art enthusiasts, on their travels. The site includes over 1000 sites in the British Islands. Users can navigate by the groups on the right site, which are mostly organize by location.

Don's Maps

Maintained by Don Hitchcock, Don's Maps is a collection of resources for the study of paleolithic archeology, and organized by topics such as archeological sites, archeology for Jean Auel fans, Venus figures from the stone age, cave paintings, etc. The images are of a decent quality and size, and most come with some metadata. Unfortunately, the site is not searchable.

Northlumerland Rock Art

"This website is the celebration of rock carvings made by Neolithic and Early Bronze Age people in Northumberland in the north east of England, between 6000 and 3500 years ago. Over 1000 carved panels are known and most of them are still located in the countryside." This project was funded by an AHRB Resource Enhancement Grant to the University of Newcastle. Images are both searchable and browsable. Once a query is made, click on the image of the camera on the right hand side to see the images. In addition to high quality images, this site features an 'interACTIVE' zone with 360 degree tours of selected sites, aerial views, games, and video and audio clips. Users are even able to browse by wheelchair accessability.

Stone Pages

Paola and Diego "both enjoy computers and megalithic sites." Lucky for us, their unique interests have combined to form the Stone Pages with over 4,000 good quality images. Taken from their travels through England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Italy, this site is broken down by location. A paragraph or two of relevant dates, locations, and other nuggets of information accompany each image. The "panorama" section allows users to use QuickTime VR technology toview selected sites as a virtual tour with 360 degree views. Images are available for educational use. See their copyright statement here.