Animal Science Image Gallery

From the USDA National Agricultural Library and American Society of Animal Science, this collection hosts images, animations, and video of a variety of animals. The collection can be browsed based on animal species and categories or searched using keywords.
The images in the collection can be used for educational purposes.

Biology Image Library

"The Biology Image Library is an online collection of images, movies, illustrations and animations across biology and biomedicine. We cover Developmental Biology, Histology & Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology & Parasitology, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Neuroscience and Plant Biology, including images from BioMed Central's journals. All content is available to our subscribers for non-commercial use, and some images are also available for commercial use. Material is peer-reviewed by our expert panel of academic editors before being accepted for publication and contributors retain the copyright for their work." Users can browse or search the library. Images are high quality, though you will need to create a login for the website in order to see the full sized images.

Botanical Image Database

From the University of Basel, Switzerland, this database includes images of various plant life. Users can either browse by species, genera, families, and orders, or use a simple or advanced search. Images are very high quality.

Botanical Society of America: Plant Images and Photos

To access the full image collection of the Botanical Society of America, click on the 'online image collection map' at the top of the page. Otherwise, only images that were features as covers to this publication are featured. From the image collection map page, users can browse through the images by subject, or can search the collection through a Google search bar. Also included in the collection are image of the members of this society. Images are high quality.

The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

This image collection hosts over 1,000 illustrations from Charles Darwin's publications. The collection can be browsed based on subject. Collection images have varying permissions for use and reproduction; while most images may be used for personal and educational purposes, permission for manuscript use must be requested from the manuscript owner.

Edgar Falls Smith History of Chemistry Collection

The University of Pennsylvania Libraries hosts this collection, which includes images about the history of Chemistry prior to 1850 through photographs and illustrations of scientists, apparatus, and laboratories. There are approximately 3,000 images available in this collection. Users can browse by scientist, apparatus, or laboratory, or can search the collection. Images are high quality.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Science and Technology

This Encyclopedia Smithsonian page offers links to collections dealing with science and technology, from Apollo 11 to the quartz watch. Not all of the collections have images available for download, however. Some contain only articles and various resources such as timelines and other textual resources. However, the site is worth browsing through and the materials are free to use for educational purposes, as long as the Smithsonian is cited.

Instruments for Science: 1800-1914

This collection from the Smithsonian Institution features scientific instruments from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Users can browse by company or type of instrument, or can search the collection. Images are not available for all works, but the one that are are very high quality. This is a fantastic collection for scientific historians.

NASA Images

As you might expect, NASA images has a strong collection of images of the universe, planets, astronauts, aeronautics, and rockets. The images are hosted on the luna platform, and so the image quality is great, and the images are easy to search and browse.

Plants and Cultures

"The central aim of Plant Cultures is to convey the richness and complexity of links between Britain and South Asia, through the story of plants and people. It is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the world around them." This site is a very specific theme, but there is a great collection of images that includes a variety of plants and cultural images. Users can browse by plant name, theme, or museum partner, and can also search the site. Image are high quality.

Smithsonian Department of Botany

The Photographs and Botanical Images collection from the Smithsonian offers links to nine different galleries, including Type Specimen Images, Botanical Illustrations, Plant Image Collection, Flower Gallery for the Washington-Baltimore Area, Image Gallery for the Hawaiian Islands, Image Gallery for the Marquesas Islands, Greenhouse Highlight Archives, Representative taxa in Families of Zingiberales, and Stahl Watercolor Collection. Each gallery offers different searching options, but they all seem to be well oranized and have high quality images availble for educational purposes.

Space Science and Engineering Center

From the University of Wisconsin's Space Science and Engineering Center, the Images and Data gallery offers weather and earth science images and maps, including geostationry weather seatellite images and sea tempeature images. Not all subjects offer images; many contain moving satellite data, but can still be useful. Those who enjoy tracking weather and looking at visual data will enjoy this site.