Johannes Vermeer

The work of Jonathon Janson, this incredible site features not only a complete catalog of Vermeer's works, but also criticism, information about his life and family, Delft and the Dutch school resources, videos, maps, and more. This is the most complete Vermeer site on the Web. Information regarding copyright will be posted shortly.


The complete works of Venetian painter Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, can be found here. The images are of decent size and quality, though there is a banner at the top of each one that says "courtesy of" If that doesn't bother you, then the images are all licensed under Creative Commons , which allows for educational use. The website is nicely put together, and an enjoyable experience to browse.


Frank J. Seinstra put together this impressive site, which includes 742 of Rembrandt's works, divided into three categories. The author states, "The initial goal of this web catalog was to bring together all 657 Lecaldano paintings, together with works that have been discovered or re-attributed since the Lecaldano list was first published in 1969. The representation was to be similar to that of Google's "Image Search" results - so, each image was to be no larger than 150x150 pixels. In the process, all paintings evaluated in the RRP Corpus in the period 1982-2005 have been included as well, together with many works included in the catalogues published by the most authorative Rembrandt experts of the late 1800s and early 1900s: Bode [3], Hofstede de Groot [10], and Valentiner [17,18]. Over 90% of the reproductions included in the Web Catalogue have been obtained from the Internet. The remaining reproductions have been photographed by me from Valentiner's 1909 and 1921 catalogues (i.e. in black and white) - under the assumption that this is not a breach of any copyright regulations.

The included works are grouped into 6 periods, each containing approximately the same number of paintings. In each of these periods the works are categorized according to their current apparent status among Rembrandt experts (see also Disclaimer):

  • Category I: Generally accepted as autograph,
  • Category II: Disputed, doubted, or attributed without general support,
  • Category III: Generally rejected and/or attributed to an artist other than Rembrandt.

Within each of these categories the works are ordered by the year in which they were produced. Placing the mouse pointer over an image will show the painting's title, year, and location, together with the catalogue numbers taken from 14 different oeuvre catalogues published in the last 100 years (see below). If available, additional references to related literature are shown as well. Clicking generally gives a reproduction as found somewhere on the Internet.

While the images are no better than one would find through a search engine, it is the most comprehensive Rembrandt site online. Frank goes on to say, "The Web Catalogue is not commercial; copyright and all rights therein are retained by the copyright holders. Also, the catalogue is not intended to provide high-resolution reproductions. Instead it intends to present the most complete Internet overview of the works by - or closely related to - one of the greatest painters of all time."

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec